PlazHost WebHosting Affiliate Program

The easiest way to earn money online.

PlazHost WebHosting Affiliate Program

PlazHost WebHosting Affiliate program offers you a method to get an income referring clients to us. Earning money with PlazHost WebHosting Affiliate Program is very simple. You can start your affiliate account and and generating commissions in under 5 minutes!

We will take care of everything including setting up the account, providing support services for the customers while you get the referral commission.

As a welcome bonus for new affiliates, we’ll give you $5 just for joining!



Affiliate Program FAQ

There is nothing required to sign up with us as an affiliate, no setup fee or any other fee. You don't even need to have active services with PlazHost WebHosting. You can sign up and start earning easily within 5 minutes.

PlazHost WebHosting Affiliate Program uses a combination of IP addresses and cookies to check referrals in real time. We will provide you an affiliate link to our website and when a visitor follows that affiliate link to purchase any hosting service from PlazHost WebHosting website, our system registers the referral and place a tracking cookie on that visitors computer. This system also allows you to monitor your referrals, view sales and available balance in real time.

You will get upto 20% earnings for lifetime from your referrals purchases and renewals!

PlazHost Payment Methods
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